The COVID pickle
Nov 14, 2021, 7:00 PM – Nov 14, 2023, 8:00 PM
Community Center,
Healy, AK, USA


The COVID Pickle


(5 minutes)
Why the Denali Education Group?
* establish a way to stay informed and in contact about education and our students
*to be prepared to support or oppose school policies and decisions
*to ensure school is positive & rewarding 
*to explore and secure options for our kids

The COVID Pickle

(10 minutes)

The Approach

-why it matters to be kind and considerate

-facts that count

The Reality

-brick and mortar student numbers are down

-education deficit, high school needs TLC

Our Policy


(10 minutes)

*gather enough people to make a difference

*masks and vaccines optional?

*focus on the love of learning, not COVID

*Keep no mask option in athletics

*open gym. Masks?

*keep kids in school as much as possible

These are ideas. Suggestions are welcome. 


(15 minutes)
The best way for COVID change is through the school board.  Plan a strategy of approach.  Letters on assigned topics?  A formal introduction of the Denali Education Group and its members?  Student letters? The science?  School mission statement?

The Fun Stuff

(15 minutes)- Ideas to save and enhance our kids education.  Open for discussion.  Community classes, open gym, recreation center.    Let’s make a difference.  Form work groups to conduct research and discuss ideas.

Fundraising and General Discussion

(10 minutes)

Do we want to raise money? How?

General questions and discussion.  

Sign up on the contact list (optional).